You want to start a business, but you’re terrified.

You’re terrified that you could find yourself unable to fund your basic needs like housing, food, and Netflix (ok, maybe that last one’s not technically a “need,” but still). Entrepreneurship is risky, and takes time, and you have to make a living while your business grows. So what can you do to keep a roof over your head while you pursue your own success?

Enter the “passive” income.

Yes, passive income is real. No, it’s not a way to earn money for doing nothing. It’s a smart, savvy way to fund your day-to-day life while making moves the conventionally employed can’t make. It allows you to focus on your life, not your living. It gives you the freedom to choose entrepreneurship, without ending up in a hole.

Find out how you can use the passive income strategy (along with some extra work and a little sacrifice) to keep yourself stable, wherever business takes you. Click Play!


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