MBA1167 Is It Too Late To Start a Blogging Business? + Free Ride Friday!

It’s a question many would-be entrepreneurs are asking themselves: can you still make a living with a blog?

About 10 years ago, people started earning serious money just by blogging. Has the business model survived? Can you still earn enough to live the life you want? The short answer is yes, you can still blog your way to success. The blog is in the middle of a sort of rebirth, with a new generation of writers cashing in.

However, the rules have changed.

Gone are the days of easy keyword-stuffing and low competition. A crowded marketplace, sophisticated search engine algorithms, and a higher standard for writing have changed the game drastically. Even still, there are hugely profitable businesses centered around quality blogs.

Today, we discuss how to blog your way to profit. We explain how to find your subject niche, promote your blog, and stand out from the (very big) crowd by speaking directly to a well-defined audience. The business is different. The readers are different. But the profit is there, if you’re willing to learn where the revenue streams are. Click Play!


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