MBA1180 Q&A Wednesday: How do I know I have what it takes to start a business?

Can you do this? Are you entrepreneur material?

You’re not the only one asking. In fact, it’s the “Q” in this week’s Q&A! It’s a big, scary question mark for those who want to break out on their own, but haven’t taken the leap just yet. So what makes someone suited for the entrepreneurial life? What skill sets, talents, and dispositions raise the odds of success?

With 17 years of entrepreneurship behind him, Omar knows a thing or two about what it takes. Having known and helped guide countless independent business people, he’s identified a few key traits (and understandings) that almost every solid entrepreneur has in common.

Best of all, these traits aren’t genetic or gifted by fate. They’re learned habits, tendencies, and abilities that you can choose to cultivate. Whether you’re running a restaurant, a coaching course, a SaaS, or anything else, these are the basic tools that’ll take you wherever you need to go. Click Play!


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