MBA1411 My Top 3 Vacations for Entrepreneurs

Everyone needs a break: especially entrepreneurs.

This isn’t an episode that tells you where to go. This all about the types of vacations that are most restful, useful, and valuable for independent business people. These entrepreneur-friendly trip types will recharge your batteries, and accomplish the one goal of a true, proper vacation: sending you back to work fresh and motivated.

And of course, they’re fun!

Don’t worry; these aren’t “working vacations,” unless you want them to be. While professional development can be a feature, the only rule of vacationing is to attain maximum enjoyment, whatever form that takes. We’ll discuss the benefits of 3 different trip types, and how they can work best for you.

These trip types range: from the chillest to the thrillest, from the most relaxed to the most dynamic. Pick the one that suits you best, because you deserve it. 

Sometimes, independent business people need to remember that as much thought and planning should go into our rest as into our work. Let us help — Click Play!


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