MBA1194 How to Get a Handle on All Your Domains

What’s in a name? If it’s a domain name, quite a bit. As entrepreneurs, we often impulse-buy domains, hoping to lock them down for our next great business idea. But all too often, we end up with nothing more than a pile of unused domains draining our resources.

Our host Omar is a classic domain addict. Today, he’ll explain how he finally got his extensive collection organized and under control. With a simple system he shares in this episode, Omar describes how to stop paying for what you’re not using, and start using what’s worth paying for.

There’s nothing wrong with a little investment in what could be a valuable domain. But as domain prices rise, it’s time to make cuts. We’ll discuss what kinds of domains are must-keeps, even if you’re not using them yet, as well as how to keep track of all your pending renewals. It’s just a little bit of necessary housekeeping that can save you a significant chunk of change — Click Play!


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