MBA1207 Being OK With Where You Are In Business + Free Ride Friday!

Entrepreneurship: it’s fun and exciting at the start, but after a while, some uncomfortable questions may start to creep in. Usually, those questions have to do with your progress. Are you successful enough? Are you “making it,” whatever that means?

It’s time to reframe the question.

One of the most important lessons an entrepreneur can learn is that you’re always learning. There is always a next plateau you haven’t reached, always another entrepreneur who’s gone further than you have. Getting comfortable with your own inexperience — however experienced you are — is a must in order to maintain a healthy peace of mind.

Today, we discuss how to measure your progress objectively, relative to your own unique mission. By learning how to enjoy the process of growth, learning, screwing up, and learning more, you can let go of excessive goal orientation and bask in the joy of right now — wherever you are. Click Play!


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