MBA1223 Must Read: Napoleon Hill’s Golden Rules by Napoleon Hill

It seems like there’s a new self-help book for business people every day. But sometimes, it pays to look back to the old-school masters.

Napoleon Hill was born in the 1800’s, but his wisdom has held up well into the 21st century. His best-seller Think and Grow Rich is a foundational text for entrepreneurs, and one of the most popular business books ever. Today, we review another of Hill’s classics: Napoleon Hill’s Golden Rules.

Golden Rules is a collection of tips, tricks, and what we now might call “hacks” for reaching your goals. Based on tried-and-true principles of habit formation, Hill discusses personal growth and achievement from a timeless perspective that’s just as relevant now as it was generations ago.

Talent, Hill argues, is not the key ingredient. By harnessing the power of mindset, you can affect outcomes in the real world. Learn with us, from one of the legends of self-empowerment. Click Play!


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Napoleon Hill's Golden Rules by Napoleon Hill