MBA1225 Q&A Wednesday: Is there a best time to send emails to my list?

Content marketing is all about the numbers. And when it comes to numbers, email open and click-through rates are some of the most important numbers by far.

Of all the factors that can affect those rates, is time one of them? Does it matter what day or hour you hit “send?” It’s Q&A Wednesday, and one listener is wondering if timing can give their business an edge in the email game.

Is there any evidence that send times make a difference?

We’ve got a few principles you can apply to find the best time for your business to send emails, based on the rhythms and preferences of your niche. Today, we discuss those principles, as well as exactly where timing ranks on the list of factors that affect open and click-through rates.

We also cover how to adjust for time zones in a global marketplace, and how different email marketing software products give you the flexibility you need to reach your audience. Before you launch your next campaign, check this out. Click Play!


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