MBA1224 Do Small Incentives Help Motivate Your Team?

How can you measure motivation? How can you quantify the effect of appreciation on your team? When you don’t have a lot of cash to throw around, do the little ways of saying “thank you” really matter?

Today, we share our experience using small incentives and rewards to keep our team on track. Small gifts and little bits of recognition can go a long way, but you shouldn’t take our — or anyone’s — word for it. You should experiment, and measure the results.

We conducted one ourselves, using our Customer Service Team as the subject. We instituted a minor-incentive system that rewards outcomes without putting too much pressure on anyone. The results told us a lot about team management, motivation, and the enduring power of an employee who feels noticed.

Tune in, and hear how we set up our system, then consider creating your own. A little gesture just might make a big difference. Click Play!


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