MBA1226 Does Offline Marketing Still Work in 2019?

Paper ads. Billboards. Sponsoring the local little league. It’s how our grandparents did business, but can it still work for us? Is the offline world still a viable source of traffic for your business, or is physical advertising over?

Today, we discuss how to make offline marketing work for you. While not as precise as targeted online content marketing, there are still ways for certain businesses to snare some customers in the physical world. In fact, knowing how to integrate your online and offline marketing strategies might be one of the most important skill sets a modern marketer can have.

On this episode, we’ll explain how to determine if offline marketing makes sense for your audience, and how to measure the value of offline marketing relative to your investment. We’ve done a few experiments in the “real” world, and we’ve learned a few things that help us use our marketing budget more strategically.

Find out what we found out, and see if a little terrestrial marketing is a wise move for you. Click Play!


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