MBA1230 Q&A Wednesday: I’m too distracted at home. Should I join a co-working space?

Ah, working from home. For some, it’s the dream. For others, it’s a guarantee that you won’t get much done.

It’s Q&A Wednesday, and one of our listeners has a problem. He’s trying to build a business on the side, but the second he comes home from the day job it’s one distraction after another. Of course, there is an alternative: the ever-more-popular co-working space

Is it worth the cost for a side-hustling entrepreneur?

We’ve got an answer. As someone who side-hustled his way to an independent lifestyle, Omar knows how tough it can be to carve out some private work space. Today, he’ll help our listener consider the available options, including co-working spaces and some low-cost alternatives.

If you’re considering renting a desk, this is the episode for you. Click Play!


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