MBA1229 How Paying Yourself First Puts Your Business First

It’s often said that the captain should go down with the ship. What we don’t say too often is that if the captain goes down, the ship is likely to follow.

Taking care of your own financial needs is not an act of selfishness. It’s not a sign of disloyalty to your team. It doesn’t mean that you’re not putting yourself on the line for your business. It means that you’re keeping yourself strong enough to lead your company.

If you can’t afford to pay you, you won’t be able to pay anyone else for long.

Today, we discuss how the “pay yourself last” model is a recipe for disaster. Your own financial (and emotional) health is one of the pillars of your business. Self-preservation, therefore, isn’t self-centered.

Stable, happy leaders are in a position to make better decisions and take smart risks. Entrepreneurs who aren’t sure how to pay the rent…not so much. Hear all about it — Click Play!


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