MBA1234 Do You Really Want To Be an Entrepreneur?

A simple truth: entrepreneurship is not for everyone.

That’s not a judgment, but a helpful statement of fact. Just because you have a great product idea, or simply want to quit your day job, does not mean you should go into business for yourself. The decision to become an entrepreneur is a very serious, very big one.

You need to be sure.

Today, we discuss exactly what questions you need to ask yourself before taking the plunge. Once you’ve considered these questions, you’ll be able to enter the world of entrepreneurship with complete confidence — or decide against entrepreneurship with zero regrets.

The world of business does not reward the unsure. Listen to this episode, ponder these questions, and know once and for all whether entrepreneurship is right for you. Don’t go into it lightly. Go into it confidently, or not at all. Click Play!


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