MBA1233 Must Read: Epic Content Marketing by Joe Pulizzi

Content marketing: is there any other kind?

If you’re getting into business, you need to get into the content game. Blogs, videos, pics; whatever the medium, it’s a necessary skill set. Content is the key to traffic, and traffic is the source of any and all sales leads. Your online presence depends on your ability to create, promote, and manage content.

This week’s Must-Read book for entrepreneurs is your content marketing 101 textbook. Joe Pulizzi’s Epic Content Marketing is one of the best all-around primers on the topic available. It explains exactly how to market online, from SEO to social media and beyond.

Pulizzi is a longtime content marketing strategist with a deep understanding of the power of narrative to affect branding. This book details how — and why — content marketing works. Learn how a relatively small monetary investment into great content builds a relationship with your audience, and how to parlay that relationship into sales.

Whether you’re just getting started, or looking to take your content marketing up a notch, this is the book for you. Click Play!


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