MBA1251 Is It Too Late to Start a Business After 50?

Is entrepreneurship a young person’s game? Or can the wisdom of age apply to independent business?

We often hear from would-be entrepreneurs who worry that they’re too old to get in the game. Usually, they’re retirees who are ready to hang up a lifetime 9-to-5 in favor of a fresh start. Is it realistic? Does a middle-aged person have time to go through the ups and downs of entrepreneurship and come out on top?

We certainly think so. But there are some important factors to consider.

Today, we discuss the disadvantages of a late start, and the unique, valuable advantages of bringing decades of life experience to business. Some experience is universally applicable, and there are tons of scenarios where the 50-year-old is way better positioned than the recent grad who hasn’t lived enough to make the smartest moves.

See what it takes to get into business once you’re over the proverbial hill. Click Play!


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