MBA1254 How To Offer The Right Salary When Hiring

As your business grows, so grows your team. As you hire, you’ll find yourself repeatedly faced with the question: what should I be paying?

Today, we explain how to do the math for new hires. We discuss all the factors involved, from budget to experience to industry standards, so you can reach your own number. We also discuss other factors that can influence the final offer, those that go beyond simple compensation.

Learn how to find the balance between compensation that’s high enough to attract the right fit, but low enough to sustain your budgetary needs. Find out where you can check up on comparable salaries for just about any position, and use those as a baseline for negotiation.

With a remote team of dozens around the globe, we’ve learned how to reach the number that makes both sides of the table happy. See how we do it: Click Play!


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