MBA1291 What Celebrity Chefs Can Teach Us About Making More Revenue

As we like to preach, exchanging time for money is just about the worst deal in business.

No other kind of entrepreneur understands that better than the celebrity chef. From Ramsay to Oliver to Ray, these entrepreneurs used their talent to generate passive income, rather than just punching the clock in a restaurant forever. They stopped selling their time, and started selling their knowledge, experience, and personalities.

No matter what business you’re in, you can take a page from their (cook)book.

Today, we explain how cooking is the best example of a skill that’s better monetized through adjacent products. Whatever you’re good at, get paid to do it — but don’t stop there. As long as you’re exchanging labor for cash, you’re always dependent on someone else.

Learn from the Emerils of the world, and start formulating your strategy for independent success. You are more valuable than just your time and labor! Click Play!


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