MBA1296 4 Takeaways From Our First Team Retreat

Considering a team retreat? We just got back from our first, and we learned a ton.

We took the whole team to Bali, Indonesia for some work, play, and all-around bonding. From all over the globe, our remote employees flew in and met face-to-face for the first time ever. Organizing the trip was no small feat, but it was worth every minute of planning and every company dime we spent.

Today, we discuss the things that went great, and the things we’ll do differently next time. We review the logistics, and explain how we kept the trip mission-focused, positive, and productive. Hear what we did right and wrong, so you can have as great a time as our team did — and meet your business goals while you’re there.

Before you start packing for your team’s big getaway, tune in to this episode. Click Play!


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