MBA1310 Q&A Wednesday: Can I sell my course without being an overhyped sales personality?

Nobody likes a huckster.

There’s an unfortunate trend in the online course business: hype-heavy “personalities” trying to seduce their audience with flair instead of substance. In this week’s Q&A, one listener wants to know how to sell a course on its merits, with a marketing strategy that’s more genuine, more serious, and more respectable.

We agree with our listener. If you want to project value, be real.

Today, we discuss four specific examples you can model your sales approach on. These course creators educate, rather than “sell.” They make reasonable claims, and back them up. They don’t “sell the dream.” They make a value proposition, and invite their audience to see for themselves.

Learn how to sell like you’re serious, at any price point. Build a relationship with customers, rather than trying to seduce them. Create trust, not hype. Earn long-term customers instead of short-term targets. Click Play!


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