MBA1311 Should You Start Using Quizzes for Lead Generation?

Which Spice Girl are you? Which Skittles color matches your personality? 

Take our quiz and find out!

Many, many companies and websites use quizzes to capture email addresses. But for all their silliness, is there a serious lead generation strategy here? We’ve been researching this method in-depth recently, and we thought we’d share our findings. 

Today, we discuss how quizzes work, how well they work, and whether they’re appropriate for your business. The key, as always, is tying in genuine value for the audience.

We’ve found that quizzes offer a potential gold mine of data for business owners — data that can help you make better decisions and meet the specific needs of your subscribers. A great quiz doesn’t just produce a laugh; it helps you segment your audience in a way that brings them one step closer to buying.

Learn how to target potential customers with a better, smarter information-gathering strategy. See how to keep the process streamlined and easy for you, with some of the best and easiest-to-use tools available now. See if you can design a quiz that’s relevant, valuable and useful. Click Play!


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