MBA1327 Why Apple Is Still The Most Profitable Company In the World + Free Ride Friday!

Apple does not sell the most devices. Apple does not bring in the most revenue. Apple does not dominate the market. 

But Apple makes more money than literally every other company.

Today, we discuss how, and what it can mean for you. Your business isn’t the size of Apple’s, but the profit strategy Apple uses can work just as well at any scale. It’s about putting profit first, and making sure the margins reflect a strategy that means every dime you spend is returned to the maximum.

In short, it means competing for value — not price, revenue, size, or anything else.

With a profit-first mindset, you can create incredible stability for your business. It’s what allows Apple to completely outperform the competition, without bothering to offer sales or discounts. It’s what allows them to rake in the profits, without breaking a sweat over what percentage of the market they control. 

For Apple, it’s all about profitability, and it shows. Take a page from the Book of Jobs: Click Play!


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