How long will this take?

It’s a question we have to ask about every task, big or small. One of the toughest parts of managing a team is coordinating a long-term project with some sense of timeliness. Multiple people, multiple agendas, all adding up to one result. 

It can’t take too long, but it can’t be rushed, either. You need some idea of how long a project should take, but everyone has to be on board. That’s where this week’s special guest teacher comes in.

Laura B. Janusek is a project management expert, and founding member of Modern Teacher. She knows that accurate timelines can empower a team, especially if everyone buys into the target completion date. 

She also knows that “deadline” can be a scary concept, especially with a complex goal.

Today, Janusek lays out a specific technique she uses to bring the team together and decide on a realistic timeline. By making the estimate a shared task, the team takes ownership of the company’s time, and avoids feeling either rushed or complacent. Before you tackle your next big project, tune in. Click Play!


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