MBA1332 What is TikTok and Do You Need To Start Using It? + Free Ride Friday!

Social media can be hard to keep up with. But for entrepreneurs, every marketing opportunity counts. 

So what’s up with TikTok?

There’s always a “next big thing” in social media, and many platforms are more hype than usefulness. But TikTok is making waves, and its success has reached a point where ignoring it is no longer the wisest option. It’s currently the 4th largest platform online — bigger (we kid you not) than Twitter.

With hundreds of millions of active users, it’s pretty inconceivable that none of them are potential customers. TikTok’s explosive growth in the last few years indicates that spending a little time exploring the potential of this video sharing platform may be in your company’s best interest.

See if TikTok can make a difference for your business — Click Play!


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