MBA1343 Must Read: Explosive Growth by Cliff Lerner

How do people make it in business? Every once in a while, a successful entrepreneur writes a book that helps answer that question.

Explosive Growth has a title that sounds like it’s a bit much, but the content lives up to it. Clif Lerner is a startup founder who’s had his share of failures (and then some), but took each setback as a lesson in how to do better on the next try. 

Now, his app has over 100 million active users, and his lessons are worth hearing.

This is the best kind of business book: an entertaining personal narrative with practical applications. It’s the story of an entrepreneur who didn’t stumble into success, but turned things around when things looked their worst. 

In this case, Growth doesn’t just refer to the shrewd strategies Lerner used to acquire more and more customers. It refers to taking your lumps, learning from your failures, and improving as a business person. That’s a lesson we could all use. Click Play!


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Explosive Growth by Cliff Lerner