MBA1344 How to Create Momentum in Your Business

We all want to move our business forward. But true success means reaching a point where your business moves itself forward. 

That’s momentum, and that’s the topic of today’s episode. At some point, you need to stop pushing the boulder uphill, and get over the hump. There’s a way of working that encourages this — a strategy that’s built for momentum, not just progress. 

You just have to change your routine.

Today, we discuss how to revamp your approach, and schedule your workday in a way that maximizes momentum. A little discipline can go a long way towards making your results equal more than the sum of your efforts. It’s about focus, it’s about motivation, and it’s about time management. But most of all, it’s about creating self-propulsion for your company. 

Your work can work better, and finally get the ball of your business rolling in a big way. Click Play!


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