MBA1342 How To Use Podcasting To Make More B2B Sales + Free Ride Friday!

Most people think of podcasting as more of a B2C thing, reaching out to a wide audience of consumers to establish your reputation. 

But we’ve got a secret: podcasts are incredible marketing tools for B2B sales, too!

Selling to other businesses is all about relationships and networking. As it turns out, hosting a popular podcast creates a ton of networking opportunities, as you can leverage the value of your own audience and offer it to other business leaders. With a good podcast, you don’t just cement your reputation among consumers — you make a name for yourself with other entrepreneurs.

Today, we discuss how podcasting has supercharged our networking, and how you can use your podcast to navigate your own business community. Plus, we offer tips on how to get started if you’re new to the podcasting game. Click Play!


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