MBA1345 Q&A Wednesday: Is my blog working? How do I know?

If your content isn’t marketing, you’re not content marketing. 

Blogs are fun to write, and valuable for your audience. But if they aren’t converting, they’re worth bupkus to your business. Today, we discuss how to move past the “spray and pray” method of throwing content into the wind, hoping for results. It’s time to start tracking, start measuring, and start using your blog to make progress.

Of course, that takes a little know-how.

It’s not enough to be a good blogger. You’ve got to get a handle on tracking content performance, lead attribution, and conversion rates. You’ve got to be able to reverse-connect the dots — from sales to traffic, and from traffic to content. Otherwise, you have no idea if your blog is worth the time it takes to write.

Learn how to measure your blog’s performance, with or without helpful CRM software. Find out if your words are generating leads, and sales. Click Play!


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