What makes a good developer? More importantly, how can you find one?

If you’re building an app, a website, or any other kind of digital product, your business is only as good as your devs. We know — we’ve spent the last several years building our own webinar software, including a radical top-down redesign that took some serious developer talent to pull off. 

We can’t do it ourselves, so finding that talent is one of our most important jobs.

Today, we discuss how to attract the best developers, and separate them from the rest of their over-crowded field. There’s a bazillion of them out there, and it can be tough for non-devs to evaluate their ability. Fortunately, our experience has shown us what matters most.

Learn what skills and abilities are non-negotiable, the lack of which instantly eliminates applicants from your search. Learn what attributes make a dev most likely to move your project forward. Learn how to interview, test, and hire the true keepers. Click Play!


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