MBA1347 Is it Better To Be The Best at One Thing or Good at Many? + Free Ride Friday!

Who wins in business: the jack of all trades, or the master of one?

It’s one of the most important questions an entrepreneur can ask about their business. Should your product be defined by versatility, mass appeal, and all-around utility? Or is it best to make your product uniquely, unbeatably awesome at solving one particular problem? 

Should you compete with everyone at everything, or should you make it so no one can compete with you at one thing?

We’ve got a straightforward answer to this one, and lots of examples to make our case. We’ll even discuss how we chose a strategy for our own businesses, and why answering the broad vs. deep question is so fundamental to your chances of success. Learn where to put your focus, and how spread your focus should really be. Click Play!


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