It’s gonna happen. If you make even a modest name for yourself in business or media, your inbox will become a very crowded place. 

Potential investors, partners, and guest writers and speakers will find your email address and fire away. We all want to network, but networking strategically is tough when you have a thousand unopened cold emails from perfect strangers.

What’s an entrepreneur to do?

It’s Q&A Wednesday, and one listener is wondering exactly that. Today, we discuss how to address the million demands on your time that come popping into your inbox every day. You can remain nice, polite, and professional without sacrificing hours of your workday to exchanges with everyone who finds their way into your inbox. 

Omar would know — he used to lose a ton of time to cold emails, until he discovered the solution we’re sharing today.

Protect your time without being rude. Free yourself without missing out on genuine opportunities. Clean up that inbox with a clear conscience. Click Play!


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