MBA1358 Must Read: Shape Up by Ryan Singer

How did they do it? It’s a question entrepreneurs ask about other successful startups all the time. Very rarely do we get a full, honest answer. Even more rarely do we get an answer that’s completely original.

But every once in a while…

Shape Up by Ryan Singer is the true story of how the wildly successful Basecamp blazed their own trail, with creative approaches to business management that no one else dared to try. Basecamp’s management model is unique and idiosyncratic, and it might not work for everyone — but it’s sure worth learning about.

If you’re building a business — especially one with a digital product — the lessons outlined in Shape Up are incredibly valuable. Again, you might not agree with every move Basecamp made (some of their tactics are controversial, to say the least), but challenging “best practices” and questioning your assumptions is always healthy.

Hear all about this book, and get inspired to seek new and inventive ways of doing business. Click Play!


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