MBA1359 How To Form A Leave Policy That Works For Your Business

We all need a break. That includes your employees.

As your team grows, it’s inevitable that your team members will ask for some downtime. For that reason, it’s important to have a set policy in place that defines when and how they can access a little R&R. 

Plan for it now, and you’ll avoid problems later.

There’s a spectrum of leave policies, from “take off whenever you want” to “we work 24/7 365.” Generally speaking, both extreme ends of the spectrum have been proven ineffective. Where you land on the Time Off Question can make all the difference to your team’s happiness, productivity, and long-term loyalty.

Today, we discuss the ins and outs of leave policy, from national holidays to sick time to those ill-defined “personal” days. We explore what to include in contracts and other employment agreements, especially with remote teams with a diverse array of holidays and cultural priorities. 

Tune in, and create a company culture that lets your people rest and recharge without sacrificing productivity. Click Play!


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