MBA1377 Does Business Get Easier as You Grow? + Free Ride Friday

Spoiler alert. It doesn’t get better — but you do.

If you’re an entrepreneur suffering from early-stage burnout, you may be asking yourself if this gets any easier. It’s an understandable question; sometimes, we plug away beyond the point of reason because we believe it’ll be worth it down the road. We work more, and harder, than is arguably healthy, because we want to bask in that end-of-the-tunnel light later.

But is this a realistic expectation? Can we count on relief once our business is established?

Today, we help you balance realistic notions of long-term entrepreneurship with healthy hopes for a less stressful future. Too many business coaches and gurus paint an overly rosy picture (usually of a laptop on a beach somewhere). That said, sustainability — both for your business and your lifestyle — is achievable.

Tune in as we discuss how the struggle changes from year to year, and how we as entrepreneurs change with it. We’ll explain what to expect as you move forward, and how to handle it. 

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