MBA1379 Why Pay Less When You Can Pay More

No, today’s title is not a typo. 

It’s a famous quote from marketer Dan Kennedy, whose understanding of value — and how to communicate it — made him one of the most successful copywriters ever. Kennedy understood that price isn’t just a number that represents profit. Price is also a signal, a window into something less concrete, but just as important: value.

Every entrepreneur needs to master the distinction between price and value, and the relationship between the two.

Today, we’ll discuss what this quote means, and how you can apply it yourself and your business. You’ll learn why “free” is never free, and why a lower price doesn’t guarantee savings. Discerning value, relative to price, is a must-master skill for entrepreneurs.

We’ll use our own business as an example, as we recently had to shop for something crucial our company needs. Whether you’re buying or selling, paying more might be your best move. Click Play!


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