MBA1380 Q&A Wednesday: I sell physical goods. How would webinars work for my business?

Think digital marketing is only for digital products? Come on now.

Webinars work. We’re not saying that because we run a webinar software company, WebinarNinja (ok, we’re not only saying that because we run a webinar software company, WebinarNinja). We’re saying it because it’s true, and more entrepreneurs need to know. 

Unfortunately, too many entrepreneurs assume that certain kinds of marketing — like webinars — don’t apply to selling shirts or car parts or craft beer. 

It’s Q&A Wednesday, and one of our listeners wants to know how webinars can market their good ol’ fashioned, real-world, tangible, physical product. e-commerce and brick & mortar businesses can get sales, growth, and customer lifetime value from webinars — just as easily as online coaches and SaaS developers can.

Tune in, and hear how you can use webinars to better convey the “feel” and real value of physical goods. Plus, hear about our upcoming free course on automated webinars that you can use to pitch your product all day, every day. Click Play!


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