MBA1383 Guest Teacher: Tom Cronin – How to Handle Stress and Work in Peace

Stress hurts.

That’s not a complaint; it’s a fact. Excessive mental and emotional stress — the kind that seems to permeate modern life and business — hurts you, and your business. It diminishes health, and it kills performance. If you are stressed, you are not at your best.

Managing stress isn’t a luxury. For entrepreneurs, it’s a responsibility.

Tom Cronin knows about stress. He spent years in the stock market, and saw how stress can consume us. That’s why he founded the Stillness Project, which helps business people integrate healthy stress management into their lives.

Today, Cronin is here to explain the effect stress has on your body, and how to combat those effects. He’s not here with promises to rid you of stress; rather, he’s here to help us understand the function of stress in our biology, and how to manage it effectively.

Don’t worry; the practices and exercises Cronin is sharing don’t require you to shave your head and seek enlightenment. We’re simply making a business proposal: that stress management is an investment of — not a waste of — time. And the returns are worth it. Click Play!


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