MBA1382 How Much Do You Really Need To Retire? + Free Ride Friday

Let’s talk about the endgame.

No, not the vaguely disappointing superhero movie. We mean your ultimate, ultimate goal, your plan for the time period after you’ve made it in business, and are ready to rest on your laurels. We mean the “golden years” of retirement.

Assuming you’ve got enough gold, that is.

Don’t worry: this isn’t about how much money you need to lay around watching Murder, She Wrote, or whatever people will watch reruns of a few decades from now (our money’s on Seinfeld). We mean the point at which you can do whatever you want — including entrepreneurship — without having to worry about money at all.

Today, we’ll help you figure out the right number for you, and how to make sure you hit that number by the time you’re ready to hang up your spurs. With some enlightening math, and some helpful resources, we’ll give you a concrete path to retirement — whatever that looks like for you.

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