MBA1404 How To Manage a Bad Day

Bad days will happen. What matters is how you respond.

Our intrepid host, Omar, is no stranger to rough days at work. He’s learned how to feel it coming; the insurmountable To-Do list, the shift in mood, the feeling that nothing can go right while this particular sun is up.

We’ve all been there. And we know that finding a healthy way to manage the emotions that come with a bad day is crucial to running a business effectively.

Today, we discuss specific, actionable strategies you can use to cope with, navigate, and ultimately triumph over your godawful day. Whether it’s angry customers, uncooperative team members, depressing metrics, or something else, there is always a way forward. 

You just need the tools.

A successful entrepreneur has to develop one skill that’s sometimes overlooked: the ability to keep yourself in the right headspace in the face of frustration. Your decision-making abilities as a leader have to stay consistent — even when your luck isn’t. 

By utilizing these few simple strategies, you can avoid compounding your bad day with bad decisions, and make tomorrow better. Click Play!


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