MBA1403 Must Read: 12 Rules for Life by Jordan Peterson

It starts with posture. 

Jordan Peterson is a controversial figure, ever since he left academia and touched many a nerve with his hugely successful self-help career. His landmark book, 12 Rules for Life, lays out a philosophy guided by deceptively simple advice — like standing up straight — rooted deeply in his interpretation of history, philosophy, and religion.

There’s plenty to argue about — and there’s plenty of value to extract. 

Today, we’ll discuss how Peterson’s rules apply to business and the entrepreneurial journey. We won’t cover all 12, but a few of the rules are super relevant to building your own independent business, and could be surprisingly helpful to you.

Sometimes, the simplicity of advice is part of its effectiveness. 

Standing up straight may not seem like a game-changer, but the effects on your mind, body, and the way others perceive you goes way beyond posture. It’s a perfect example of what you and your business can get from a “self-help” book like Peterson’s. 

Tune in, and see what else you can learn from this polarizing but important figure. Click Play!


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