MBA1406 3 Golden Rules When Starting a Software Company

Ready to start a software company? These are the most important things we learned from building ours!

It took time to learn them. It took a lot of trial, and no small amount of error. Software as a product type has exploded, especially the SaaS (Software as a Service) model. For anyone looking to start a business, software is quickly becoming the first, best option. 

We’ve seen a zillion software companies rise and fall, so what can we say that’s true for all of them?

Today, we share 3 specific facts about the software game that are immutable, irrefutable, and unchanging — no matter what kind of software you want to sell. Whether you want a lifetime revenue stream, or simply want to build an app and sell it, these are the universal rules.

We learned most of this on the way to building WebinarNinja, our webinar software. The key, in our experience, is to make decisions based on external realities and not just your own ideas. In other words, humility is the first ingredient.

Check out these 3 rules, and keep them in mind as you plan your incredible software business. Click Play!


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