MBA1407 Where to Start When You Have No Ideas + Free Ride Friday

You know you want to start a business. But that’s about all you know.

You’re not alone! So many people think that entrepreneurs start by having some grand product idea, but that’s rarely the case. More often, entrepreneurship starts with nothing more than the desire to be independent, and the chutzpah to go for it.

So you’re off to a good start, even though you have no idea what’s next.

Successful independent business is way more about execution than product ideas. As we discuss in this podcast, some of the most wildly successful entrepreneurs didn’t actually come up with anything new; they just improved the form, deliverability, or accessibility of something that was already out there.

The key was: they met a need.

Maybe we need to flip the notion of “creating a business idea” around. Instead, let’s try to  find your business idea, by putting our ear to the ground and figuring out what market need you can meet. 

Take the time. Find an audience. Talk to it, but listen to it. Your big idea is out there somewhere, and if you’re patient and strategic, your idea will come — and it’ll seem like the most obvious thing in the world. Click Play!


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