MBA1410 Q&A Wednesday: How do I stay on top of my email with everything else I need to do?

We’ve all had the sensation: Inbox Dread. The knowledge that you’re so behind on emails, the list of black, bolded “unreads” will just be too much to bear. 

How can you dig out of email overwhelm, and still get things done?

It’s Q&A Wednesday, and we’re helping a listener who’s got 10 pounds of To-Dos on a 5-pound plate. Trudging through hundreds of emails — most of which are of little to no value — doesn’t exactly sound appealing. But we don’t want to miss anything important or useful. 

There has to be a way forward.

Today, we’ll show you how to get that inbox under control, with a few quick and dirty tricks that cut your pile down to size. Email-induced stress is a real and painful thing that can detract from your health and productivity; but you’re done playing catch-up.

Learn these few adjustments you can make to your system for tackling email, and get ready to breathe easier. Click Play!


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