MBA1419 Ideas You Can Steal From Elon and The Tesla Cybertruck

Ever seen a win that — at first — looks like a fail?

Elon Musk is the king of confounding expectations. When he unveiled Tesla’s take on the good ol’ ‘Merican truck, he did what he does best: surprised everyone, for better or worse. Even a demonstration of the Cybertuck’s, em… impact-resistant windows famously didn’t go according to script.

And that’s perfectly on-brand for the guy who wants to colonize Mars.

Whatever you think of him, Elon Musk is undeniably successful. Occasionally overshadowed by his public persona are achievements in tech and business that everyone can learn from — even small businesses.

Today, we’ll discuss how the Cybertruck is a fantastic lesson in bold business strategy. Musk crashed headfirst into an incredibly tough-to-crack industry with an audacious out-of-left-field product. He invited controversy and criticism. He put on a show.

And the pre-orders came flooding in.

Sometimes, the marketing power of utter uniqueness is worth exploring. And sometimes, taking risks is less risky than it seems. Hear how you can apply the Tesla philosophy to your next launch. Click Play!


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