MBA1421 Why and How to Plan All of 2020 Today

2020 starts now.

I know the ball hasn’t dropped yet, but if you want certain things to happen next year, it’s already time to take the first step. It’s time to plan out your entire year, right now, today. All of it. The best part? It won’t even take that long.

For an hour or two of your time, you can reduce stress all (next) year long.

There’s nothing like going into the year completely confident that high-priority goals will be met. That doesn’t just include business goals; it’s equally important to carve out time for your personal goals as well. This way, every priority gets its due.

Why let the busy catch up to you? Get ahead of everything, by filling in that calendar with all the “big rocks,” the absolute must-dos that will have the biggest impact on your life and business. Why not manage your most valuable asset — your time — as strategically as you manage your money?

Today, we share the exact steps you can take to plot your whole year out. With a roadmap in place, you won’t just hope to accomplish certain things — you’ll know you will. Click Play!


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