MBA1422 Why Online Courses Fail + Free Ride Friday

Online courses: more popular than ever. A great source of revenue. A perfect way to monetize your expertise or passion.

And yet…

So many courses bomb. For every course that thrills its students and grows the business, there’s a ton that go nowhere. Our intrepid host Omar has created many, many courses over the years, and there’s a reason his usually succeed.

It’s because of his background in education.

Before Omar struck out into the world of entrepreneurship, he spent years honing his craft as an educator at the high school and university level. That experience is exactly what led him to the $100 MBA Show: the desire and ability to teach. 

Courses were a logical extension of that. 

As more entrepreneurs get into the course game without an understanding of teaching and learning, though, common mistakes were revealed. Today, we want to shine a light on those mistakes, so you don’t make them. We’ll help you improve results for your students, and for you. 

There are so many ways to build courses incorrectly. Know what they are, and design courses that’ll set you apart as a reliable online “educator,” even if you’ve never even held a piece of chalk. Click Play!


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