MBA1431 What Will Stop You From Making 2020 a Success

This is your year…unless it isn’t.

We all hit January wide-eyed and full of big plans. But why do some entrepreneurs hit the goals they set, while others don’t? Why do some businesses actually make the progress their founders envision, while the rest of us keep dreaming? 

What’s stopping us?

Today, we’re discussing a few things that get entrepreneurs off track. Year after year, a few common pitfalls derail all the would-be could-be independent business people, leaving them right where they started come December. 

The good news? You can neutralize these notorious derailers pretty easily.

We’ve got some almost shockingly simple steps you can take to preempt interference from these business-killers. With some basic mental adjustments, you can get on course, stay on course, and end 2020 with milestones reached — not wished for.

Don’t wait ‘till February to make these adjustments. Start 2020 on track, and keep it that way. Click Play!


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