MBA1432 Paid Marketing Ideas for Under $300 + Free Ride Friday

What kind of growth can you get for $300? The answer might surprise you, but only if you’re willing to experiment. 

If your marketing budget isn’t exactly…flush, but you need a nice boost, it’s time to think outside that proverbial box. This is the beauty of entrepreneurship: how a little creativity can give you exactly the spike you need.

And boy, do we have some bang for your marketing buck.

These ideas occupy a funny space: they’re unusual, and unexpected. But they’re so effective it’s difficult to understand why more people don’t use them. They don’t require anything special, other than the willingness to stake a few hundred dollars on something different.

Are these ideas typical? No. But can they work? One way to find out.

This is what being “lean” is all about. Taking roads less traveled to produce more results from fewer resources is what startups do. With a little hustle, a little creativity, and — yes — a little independent-sized budget, you can move the needle. Click Play!


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