MBA1400 Q&A Wednesday: Why is my website not getting any traffic?

It’s an SEO emergency!

It’s the first big, scary challenge that many entrepreneurs face: how the heck to get people to your website. There are literally hundreds of millions of websites out there, many of which are filled with advice on how to get traffic. 

But what can you do, right now, today, that’ll give you a chance to be heard?

It’s Q&A Wednesday, and one of our listeners has hit a plateau. Despite regular blogging over several months, the traffic isn’t exactly stellar. Are there any quick fixes?

There sure are. 

While the art of building an audience is something that takes time, patience, and effort, sometimes it’s the little tricks and tips that make all the difference. Today’s episode is all about things you can do immediately to improve your site traffic, mostly to do with those three magic letters: S.E.O.

Hear what relatively simple changes can unleash your website’s true potential. Some of them are so simple and small, they’re often overlooked. But each of them represents a potential “traffic jam” that you can easily clear up, if you know how. Click Play!


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