MBA1438 Guest Teacher: Dr. Cindy McGovern – How a Simple “THANK YOU” Can Make You a Better Leader

Thank you.

Was that so hard?

Actually, effective gratitude is more than just stringing two words together. It’s something today’s special guest teacher, Dr. Cindy McGovern calls a “lost art” — the ability to thank employees in a way that values, motivates, and inspires them. 

Thanking isn’t just a social reflex. For real leaders, it’s a strategy.

Genuine appreciation is a massive motivator, right up there with pay! Seriously; research shows that employees generally don’t quit “bad” jobs. They quit “bad” managers and employers. If you’re not making your team feel vital, you’re not giving talent a reason to stick around.

Fortunately, Dr. Cindy can help with that.

As she explains today, gratitude isn’t just an act. It’s a skill. And it’s not just politeness; it has a substantive impact on team performance. Dr. Cindy has a 5-step formula that any business owner can use to hone their gratitude game, and get the best from everyone on the team.

Don’t let your business’s culture be an afterthought. Take Dr. Cindy’s advice, and prioritize your thanking skills. You might be surprised at the results. Click Play!


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