MBA1439 How Do Your Customers Decide to Buy?

To get more wins, study the ones you have.

The “buyer’s journey” is a much-studied topic that CRM (Customer Relationship Management) experts have spilled thousands of gallons of digital ink on. What is the process by which people go from awareness of your brand to a final purchase?

What gets them to that final decision? What triggers them to pull the trigger?

The short answer is that it’s different for every business. That’s why you have to do the work and find out why your customers bought from you. Then, you double down. Today, we discuss how to take a deep dive into your sales funnel, and come out with the information you need to optimize your approach.

This is Lead Nurturing 101.

We’re doing some research into our own business, and preparing to experiment with some new adjustments to our own process. On this episode, we’ll share exactly how we gather the information and data we need to construct those experiments and measure the results.

Don’t “trust the process.” Study it. Improve it. Start with today’s lesson — Click Play!


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